How to remove a toilet without spilling water

Toilet removal doesn’t have to be messy. Turn the shutoff valve off and then pour Liquilock into the bowl. This will solidify the water. You just need to wait a few minutes then you can remove the closet flange bolts.
If they don’t remove you can then cut them off below the nut then you remove the water supply line. You can see there’s no mess.

How to remove vinyl bathroom floors

Removing vinyl flooring can be easy. Score the baseboard between the drywall in case there’s a sealant there. Then pull up between the tack strip and the carpet to get access between the plywood and the vinyl that it’s sitting on. Then you can use a long pry bar in this case a 36 inch pry bar to pull up both the vinyl and the plywood at the same time.

How to remove tile bathroom floors

The circular saw equipped with a diamond blade and set to a quarter inch thickness that matches the depth of the tile and the hearty backer allows you to cut through the grout joints and make these pieces of tile into three by three sections. They are easily removable using a long pry bar and a hammer it’s much faster to remove your tile this way than by using a hammer and a chisel so strongly consider doing this but wear a dust respirator at the same time.

How to install penny tile bathroom floor

This is one of the best methods for installing penny tiles. Dampen your wood sub-floor. Apply modified thin set using directional troweling and add dur rock or any other type of cement board to that. You need to use alkali resistant screws for cement board. After each subsequent board you need to waterproof between them using alkali resistant mesh tape and modified thin set. Just make sure it’s a thin layer. Then you can add a sealant up against the tub along with a banding. You can use that same sealant around your toilet flange. The next step after your cement board has cured is to apply a liquid waterproofing membrane over top of everything. You need to apply two coats and you should also apply it along the baseboard or where the baseboard is going to go over top of your drywall so if there’s a leak in the bathroom the water won’t wick into the drywall. Then what you need to do is match the thickness of the penny tile to your trowel. Apply modified thin set over top of your liquid membrane and set the tiles. This is just one method for installing the penny tile and getting professional results.

How to quick install cement board floors

A second method is to dampen the wood subfloor. Then use a quarter inch by quarter inch square notch trowel to apply modified thinset over top of it. Then bond your dura rock to that. You need to leave a gap at any change of plane like at your walls. Then again use your alkali resistant screws every six inches. Now in this case we’re using speed set to speed up this installation so we’re applying that to all the seams adding our alkali resistant mesh to that.

How to waterproof cement board floors

You can use something like kerdi-band up against your shower and your drywall to make sure that all these changes of plane are in fact waterproof. By using speed set you’re able to do this in one single day that’ll allow you to waterproof as well with something like hydraband. You can waterproof over top of the cement board the curb and over top of any of the seams. The only gist is you need to use a wet film gauge and make sure that you have the proper thickness of the hydraband after each subsequent coat. So if you want professional results make sure you follow those tips.

How to set tiles next to bathtubs

Setting tiles up against the bathtub can be tough especially if the tub goes out. You can scribe the tiles with a pencil and cut that scribe mark to get the tiles nice and flush with the bathtub. What this will allow you to do is to get nice even grout joints as well as you move away from the bathtub area. So hopefully that tip helps you out

How to install recessed lights in bathroom

Recessed ceiling lights can be easy to install. You just want to make sure you don’t do it right over the framing. You can cut a hole out in your ceiling. You can use a hole saw. You can use a manual keyhole saw or a dremel to do that and just pull your wires out. What we like about this system is they’re just push to connect. So you push in your hot and your neutrals into this light. You just plug your light into the socket and that’s pretty much it. That’s how you install one of these parameter recessed lights and they’re definitely very simple to install.

How to install a toilet flange over tile floors

A toilet closet flange doesn’t have to be difficult to install. In this case we’re just cutting down our pipe coming up out of the floor. We’re dry fitting the flange making sure it fits our rough end. Marking the holes in it and cutting through the porcelain tile using a diamond bit. Then you need the prime and add the cement for both the closet flange and the pipe to make sure it’s nice and glued and tight. It should be sitting on your finished floor and then you can use tap cons to secure it to your tile. You can also use a foam gasket instead of a wax one. Those are some tips for installing a toilet.

How to fix running toilets with a fill valve

Unfortunately some toilets run and one of the biggest solutions is to replace the fill valve. You need to flush the toilet after shutting it off. Drain the tank undo the supply line and then undo the nut that’s holding the old fill valve in place
Then just pull the fill valve from the toilet tank. Make sure the rubber gasket for the new fill valve is sitting flush with the toilet tank. You’ll need to measure from the top of the fill valve to your overflow pipe. Make sure that the fill valve is extended per the instructions. Then you just put the hose onto the little port that fits onto the overflow pipe. Secure the fill valve with the nut to the bottom of the tank. Add your water supply line and turn it back on. That’s it that’s how it’s easy to replace your fill valve and prevent a running toilet. You can adjust the water height to be about half inch to three quarters of an inch below that fill valve by just twisting the little knob.

How to replace toilet water supply lines

Frequently the water supply lines for toilets do leak. You need to turn the water off at the shutoff valve. Turn the nut on the supply line clockwise, drain it and then counter clockwise for the net on the shutoff valve. This is a new steel braided water supply line it’s a click seal by a fluid master. It fits 3 8 inch fittings and 7 8 inch fittings. And what’s nice about it is you tighten it down over top of your shut off. You just hand tighten this until you hear the click and you’re done. Then you turn the water back on and that’s how easy it is to replace your supply line.

How to quickly cut holes in bathroom vanities

This will take all the mystery out vanity installation. You need to make sure your vanity is level. And then you can dab the hot and cold water supplies with paint. Push your vanity up against that paint and it’ll mark the location of the supplies perfectly on the back. Pile a drill through that from the back and then use a core bit that has a pilot bit in it to drill through the front. This will prevent any splintering and give you a nice professional look. You can dry fit the vanity. Make sure it fits. Then mark the pipe coming out of the wall for the p-trap and do the exact same thing. This will give you a nice hole on the back that you can then match up with your hole saw. Again we’re going to pilot hole through the back. Use the pilot bit with our two and a quarter inch hole saw through the front so that we don’t splinter the vanity. You can put your vanity in place make sure it’s level again. You want to find your studs in the wall with a good stud finder. Use the Franklin stud finder, that’s never let us down. You can use two of the long screws that come with the vanity to secure it to the wall.

How to add bathroom vanity sink tops

The next step was to apply a thick bead of 100 silicone on the top perimeter of the base cabinet. Install the sink and clean off any of the excess silicone.

How to tile a bathroom vanity backsplash

We used the laser level to make sure that our glass mosaics would remain level around that vanity top. We mixed up ardex x77. This is a thin set that we use for mosaics. It’s great when mixed to the right consistency. We cut down our schluter aquatic and used a 3 16 square notch trowel to apply the thinset to the wall. Added the quad deck. Made sure it was bonded to the thinset and used this really awesome diamond blade to cut through our glass mosaic and give us a square cut up against aquatic. We then compress that using our grout float and put a spacer between the bottom of the mosaics and the vanity top for expansion and contraction. You always want to clean the top and the wall as you go. If you follow these tips you’re going to get a really great vanity top that looks awesome and professional in the end.

How to self level a bathroom floor

Primer was used over top of a wood subfloor so that our self leveler would stick to it. Oftentimes the area right where the tub goes is not level so you can add a self leveler.

How to install a bathtub with a stringer

You can add a stringer if your instructions call for that. You just need to make sure the stringer is nice and level.In this case we added mortar over top of our tub area and set our tub in that and made sure it was level on all four sides. Always make sure that you secure a steel tub or cast iron tub to your studs so that it looks awesome in the end.

How to set 12×24 porcelain tiles inside a bathtub

A urinary trial was used to apply modified thinset to these wedi building panels along the short side of the tile. We cut down the first row of tile so that it would match our shower niche area more on that in a second. We back buttered these tiles. Set them in place and centered them on this wall. You always want to pull your tiles and make sure you have adequate thinset coverage and you want an expansion and contraction joint between the first row of tile and the tub. Now in this case we used our manual tile cutter for most of the cuts but we also used a diamond blade and angle grinder to make some of the scribe cuts you see to make sure that the tiles fit perfectly with the sides. Again you can also use a tile leveling system like t-lock to help with these tiles. Make sure that they’re nice and level and even with each other so that when you set them on the wall you’re going to get professional looks and you’re going to eliminate tile lippage which is when adjacent tiles look uneven in relation to each other. You can level the tiles with your laser level as you go up the wall and we highly recommend if you’re a beginner to do that so that you can get professional results.

How to build custom shower niche

The first step to installing this custom shower niche was to add the top plate and the bottom plate. Make sure the bottom plate was level. Marked the location of the studs based on that. Cut out the studs using an oscillating tool. Then nailed that in place using our nail gun. Now you can also pitch the bottom if you want but in this case we made sure it was level. We also applied woody joint sealant to the tub lip so that our cut out in our wedi building panel would fit over top of that and it would be fully waterproof. We cut out the area where we wanted our shower and edge to be by using just a simple utility knife and that’s what makes wedi awesome. We applied wedi joint sealant to the drywall. Added that cut out piece and applied wedi joint sealant along the perimeter of the sill. Screwed that in place and along the perimeter of the side and tops inside the shower niche. This waterproofs the entire custom shower niche so that you then have a really great surface to tile over top of. So hopefully these tips help you build a custom shower niche that looks amazing. If the tips in this article helped you out share this to social media so that somebody else can find it and it’ll help them out as well. Also don’t forget to come back to our website for more helpful tutorials just like this one.


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