While planning to renovate our bathroom, we might consider a lot of bathroom vanities to give a perfect look to our space. Among all these, a good shower screen can create a lot of difference in the entire appearance and functionality of your bathroom. It is important to tenaciously consider the need and space of your bathroom while selecting a shower screen.

What is a Shower Screens?

A shower screen is a glass screen or a pane that acts as a fence between your bath shower and rest of the bathroom space. It helps to keep your restroom dry and blocks water from spilling everywhere. It functions same as the shower curtain, but is more permanent compared to it.

Shower Screens – Different Shapes and Sizes:

Just like all other bathroom accessories, shower screens are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


  • Straight Shower Screen: A straight shower screen fits straight across the bathtub or shower.
  • L-shaped: A straight shower screen that has a perpendicular screen towards the end. It is a perfect screens for an L-shaped bath.
  • Curved Shower Screen: A curved shower screen has a panel that fits perfectly to a curved bath. It looks like a p-shaped shower screen.
  • Folding Shower Screen: A shower screen that is split by hinges and can be folded inwardly or outwardly.
  • Sliding Shower Screen: A slide shower screen that features a sliding back half


  • Frameless Shower Screen: A frameless shower screen has unimpeded free glass. It is supported by metal clamps or an aluminum frame. Installing a frameless shower screen can exuberantly elevate the appearance of your bathroom. It makes the restroom look bright and spacious. It is one of the most common and trending shower screens used and desired by many. It furnishes both physical and aesthetic needs of the restroom.
  • Semi- Framed Shower Screen: Semi- Framed shower screen makes the screen appear more structured and refined. It has more elaborative and spacious look compared to other shower screens.
  • Transparent Shower Screen: Transparent shower screen is installed using plain transparent glass. It makes the space look big and has both traditional and modern vibe.

Things to Consider When Choosing Shower Screens:

  • Space: While installing new bathroom accessories, it is extremely important to consider the space available in your restroom. You definitely don’t want your restroom to look all packed. While choosing the right shower screen can make your restroom look spacious, picking a wrong one can cause lot of discomfort and inefficiency. A folding shower screen might need more space, while a straight or sliding shower screen can furnish more space. Thus, while considering the style, it is also crucial to consider the space.
  • Hardware and Design: Hardware and Design accessories are always left to the eleventh hour. However, if we are careful about the detailing of the shower screen, every small accessory can create a great impact on the overall look of it. Giving a careful thought while picking every small and big detail of the shower screens can help in elevating the entire appearance of the screen. They can look more defined and polished if proper hardware and design is used.
  • Seal: Shower leakage or drainage issues may cause problems to the shower screen and create damages. It is important to fix every small and big leakage problem before it does major damages. So, proper sealing can help in avoiding water leakage.
  • Cost: Bathroom renovation can for sure cause you an arm and a leg. To avoid your pocket from any loss, fixing a budget should be your prime priority. One must also compare the price with other close substitutes and different websites before finalizing a deal.

Shower screens will not just help you elevate the appearance of your bathroom, but will also help to keep it dry and safe. Choose wisely and pick the best for your rest.

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