Home renovations sound exciting, but there’s a lot of planning before the final result. Of all the rooms, a bathroom makeover is the most favorite among the homeowners. After all, this is the space where you plan to relax in the warm bath or have some me-time with your beauty routine.

Since this type of interior design can be expensive, many believe they can’t have it all. The following tips will show you the secrets of a simple bathroom remodel that will make you happy.

Start with planning a budget

The budget is the most important item when it comes to bathroom remodel. Knowing how much you can spend and financing options from the start can determine the scope of renovations. Choosing a cheaper material will save you money, but make sure that you are not sacrificing the quality in the process.

The best approach is to be as detailed as possible with your contractor, so they can quote their work as precisely as possible. Find pictures or draw your ideas so that the contractor would know exactly what you want. You will still have to compromise and prioritize, but at least it will be closer to what you envisioned for your future bathroom.

Think of ventilation

By regulations, all bathrooms should have ventilation. It can be a window you can open or an exhaust fan controlled with a switch. Moisture from the shower, hand washing, and toilet flushing can create a breeding ground for fungi, mold, and bacteria that require serious chemicals to remove. So, without the proper ventilation, you will also expose yourself and the rest of your home to toxic agents, like chlorine.

Color can change the size

If there’s no room for expansion, you can still make your bathroom bigger with color. Keep the shades in your bathroom within the light color spectrum since dark tones can visually shrink a space. This applies to fixtures as well, like toilets and vanities.

Separate shower or bathtub area with different tiles to add more depth to the room. However, always keep the ceiling white or off-white since any other shade will give an illusion of a smaller space.

Go for freestanding items

When someone mentions a freestanding piece, almost everyone thinks of a bathtub. But there are much cheaper solutions for bathroom decorations than will make your bathroom stand out. 

For example, if space permits, you can have a comfortable lounge chair to relax in with a face mask on or after a soothing bath. A cupboard can become a statement piece and a place to store cosmetics, towels, and other things you usually keep in your bathroom.

Work with your plumbers

Working with a qualified plumber in Canberra or Paris requires the same thing – knowing what you want before you hire them. Functionality must come before the expensive fixtures and bathroom furniture or you can easily end up with leaks and clogged drainage.

Consult with your plumbers on the best options and what is possible to do, especially if you want to change the order of sanitary hardware. This is something you should do before the works start so you can plan the budget accordingly and avoid additional expenses.

Have more mirrors

Mirrors are more than items for fixing the hair, putting on makeup, or checking your look in general. They are design elements that can make a small bathroom bigger, or a darker one brighter.

While a mirror above the sink is a must, place another one on the wall on the opposite side of the window to reflect the natural light all over the bathroom. Even when a window is missing, a large mirror can create the illusion of spaciousness and make the room more stylish, especially with an ornate frame.

Splurge on one luxury

Even though a budget is tight, you should consider one or two luxurious additions. Wall-mounted features are elegant and can give you more free space to use as you like. A heated rack will make sure you always have a dry and warm towel to wrap around you.

A more expensive feature is a heated floor. While it may raise the expenses for a bathroom to remodel, it can also lower the heating bill in the future. But the comfort level is well worth the investment.

Bring in the plants

Plants will not only make the space alive but also give it color and make it more serene. If you have a large bathroom, add a big pot with a tall and leafy plant in the corner. Or hang a few vine plants from the ceiling of a small one and let their leaves fall for a dramatic effect.

Installing a floating shelf or two to keep your plants will make the space tidy and vibrant at the same time. Just make sure that the plants you choose like the humidity or limited natural light. Also, while plants in the shower look great, avoid placing them there since shampoo and shower gel residues may harm them.

Install a bathtub (or don’t)

Traditional bathrooms have bathtubs, but in the last few decades, this trend is overrun by shower stalls. If you feel a bathtub is practical for you and your family, then you should have it. Otherwise, it spends lots of water and it’s not easy to get in. However, if you’re planning to sell your home soon, a bathtub may make your property more interesting to buyers.

Change the lighting

The best choice for lighting is natural light. It makes the space more open and fresh, as well as more cheerful and inviting. Make the current window bigger or add another one to bring more sunlight into the room. A skylight is possible even if your bathroom is not on the top floor. In the recent years, the tubular skylight has become popular among the homeowner, although it may raise the price and duration of remodeling.

Artificial light is an irreplaceable part of any bathroom. From overhead light to built-in solutions for vanity, installing several options with a dimmer will let you control the strength of illumination.

Plan for enough storage

Storage will not only keep your bathroom tidy but also make everything you need accessible. Towels, toilet paper, and other things you commonly use can occupy a cabinet or a shelf. Under the sink area is also convenient for storing, so keep that in mind when consulting with your contractor. If you deal with a smallish place, the cupboard behind the mirror is a good option for storing beauty products, toothpaste, and brushes.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate a price

There are some ways that you may be able to lower the potential price for remodeling. You can ask several contractors for the offer and find the one that best fits your budget and ideas. But, you can also negotiate a lower price and haggle with some suppliers. If you are not in a hurry to remodel, check several stores in the area for discounts and possible price reductions.

The bottom line

Simple bathroom remodel may also need planning and time, but it can give you new features at an affordable price. Moreover, you will learn that some things you can do without, like a bathtub, but others are essential for the highest experience, like new pipes.

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