Before you know it, spring and summer are going to be here and the outdoors will again be filled with people. If you have plans to visit the Denver, Colorado area then you’ll probably want to know what the five best outdoor spaces in the heart of Denver are. For those seeking variety outdoors, you’ll find plenty of it in Denver, including things you may not even know are here if you only associate our city with snow and skiing.

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

During the summer and fall in Denver, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven at our Botanic Gardens thanks to the aromas of the flowers from around the world. You’ll also get a chance to see plants that are native to Colorado for an education in our flora. The garden’s York St. location showcases gardens from every corner of the globe, including Japan and South Africa.

You’ll be glad to know parking is free here. And there’s an indoor cafe called Offshoots at the Gardens where you can have lunch to briefly get out of the sun.

Gondola Rides Through Downtown Denver

Gondola Rides Through Downtown Denver

Those of you who’ve never been to Denver probably never thought we had gondola rides. During the summers, these can be perfect romantic getaways with your significant other as the gondolas wind through Cherry Creek and the South Platte River in downtown.

Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo

You can visit the Denver Zoo any time of the year and see something worthwhile. With 4,000 different animals on display, you have an outdoor activity ready for the whole family. Don’t miss the ongoing exhibits like Toyota Elephant Passage, Predator Ridge, or Bear Mountain. Keep in mind that hours expand in the summer when the weather is better, though plenty of great exhibits are open through winter. Recently, there was a polar bear exhibit that helped recognize International Polar Bear Day.

A Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater

A Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheater is internationally renowned, and you’ve likely seen or heard of various prestigious artists performing there. It’s one of the best outdoor venues in this region of the U.S., and the acoustics are all natural. With the sweeping views around you, a concert here is breathtaking during summer evenings. Chances are, you’ll see a spectacular sunset during the concert that only adds to the appealing outdoor setting.

Exploring LoDo

Exploring LoDo

If you’re not familiar with what LoDo stands for, it’s an abbreviation for Lower Downtown. Covering a 23 square block area, you’ll be hanging around an historic area with buildings that still survive from decades ago. You’ll find everything from brewpubs to saloons where you can get a drink when the summer weather gets a little warm.

You can start in the early part of the day, but you can’t miss the nightlife here that’s very popular with tourists. You’ll find nightlife and plenty of shopping for an unforgettably exciting time that goes late into the night.

This might leave you loving Denver so much that you’ll want to move here.

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