Sometimes spending too much money on your bathroom isn’t a good idea, especially if you are on a tight budget. Having loads of furniture and materials in your bathroom doesn’t mean it’s going to look good and function well. The good news is that you can still make your bathroom look polished even with a small budget.

At home, the bathroom is the most used area yet it has the least space. To have a comfortable space in the bathroom, limit your things and have a minimalist approach. This will help you save your budget wisely while still having a stylish bathroom. So how to make your bathroom a minimalist look? Check out these tips!

1. Declutter!

Things which are not essential in your bathroom makes it overcrowded and untidy so remove them. Maximise your storage with regards to your bathroom accessories by removing items or furniture that are rarely used and storing them in a special storage room/area. Adapting to a minimalist style means you need to keep things simple as much as possible. For example, there is a shower curtain that looks tacky and takes a lot of your bathroom space then you might want to replace with something more simplistic and space-saving.

2. Neutral palettes

Decorating your bathroom with neutral palettes add personality. You can have beige and grey which create a calming atmosphere or black and white colour scheme which introduces both simple and luxurious themes. Create a natural minimalist sculptured look in your bathroom with these kinds of palettes. You might have noticed minimalist bathroom colours which are mainly white, grey, brown, and black which are painted without too much complexity. Avoid colours such as light blue, red, green, and most light colours since they remove the minimalist theme.

3. Shower seating

Instead of having bathtubs inside your bathroom replace them with shower seating. Bathtubs usually consume space making your bathroom have a tight space. When you have a shower seating good for 1 or 2 persons only this will break the space and have a minimalist shower.

4. Simple Mirrors

Mirrors are always present in any bathroom. Find simple mirrors with great aura to help you save your budget. This kind of mirror can help you achieve a minimalist bathroom. The shapes don’t matter as long as it’s simplistic. You can even have a mirror on the cabinet storage in your bathroom to make it compact.

5. Natural lighting

Light has a significant impact on our moods whenever we use the bathroom. As much as possible, use skylight because these can provide a lot of light during daytime. Skylight from windows is a good source of natural light. You won’t worry about your electricity consumption during daytime whenever you use the bathroom. If it can be opened, it will give you access to natural ventilation and makes the area vibrant and refreshing.

6. Clean and simple tiles

When you’re up for your bathroom flooring use tiles, this is one way to maintain a minimal approach. Add simple white tiles for your bathroom. White colour enlivens your area and giving it a minimalist look. Sticking to one colour scheme for your flooring gives it a clean and simple look. You can still use patterns but it shouldn’t over-the-top or something that begs attention from the eyes.

7. Clean-lined features

The most minimalist bathroom keeps away from so many decorative accessories. Countertop flowers, for example, are decorative features that add impact to your space. Sometimes you need to consider how things are being functional before you display. If you go with this no-countertop decors, make sure to have other standout features in your bathroom.

8. Few Well-Chosen Decors

To add lively decors in your bathroom you need to have a few well-chosen decors. Clear accessories in the area but never forget the plants. Plants add life to your bathroom and provide a lush effect. When it comes to a minimalist design, this is a perfect one.

“Minimalist is the ultimate sophistication.” It’s better to be simple because you can see in it the real beauty. As they say, “Simplicity is beauty.” When you’re planning to make your bathroom into a minimalist look apply these tips above. You’ll indeed benefit a lot from a touch of this minimalist look!

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